Low-dimensional Electron Systems Lab

working on a variety of problems at the frontiers of engineering, materials science, and physics

CMOS scaling is now running into the nanoscale regime, where quantum nature of electrons comes in. While the limits of silicon are being reached, data in electronic devices keep exponentially expanding. This requires further scaling, lowering power, and improving speed, which are exciting challenges to both academia and industry. Nanoscale materials and their heterostructures are therefore experiencing a burst of activities lately, producing diverse scientific and technological breakthroughs including interesting quantum phenomena. We perform vigorous research in electron transport in nanostructured electron systems. Our major research goals are (1) to understand fundamental electronic properties of emerging low-dimensional materials and their novel heterostructures, and (2) to realize unprecedented high-performance nanoscale device applications based on such basic study. Using advanced transport measurement techniques, we explore how electrons move and interact each other in nanostructured electron systems, and aim to broaden our fundamental understanding of emerging materials and physics. Our biggest motivation is curiosity, but we also have the ambition to bring unprecedented future computing with novel high speed and low power nanoelectronics.